Saturday, April 13, 2013


It is 3.27am and i havent been able to fall asleep. This has been going on for a while now and i have accepted that i am suffering from insomnia. My mind has just refused to shut down. I have never been one to sleep during the day so i rely on night time to get my beauty sleep. So you can imagine what i am going through. My eyes get so heavy during the day and even shut on their own. Yet i am not able to sleep. My doctor offered to prescribe sleeping tablets to me a while ago, i declined for fear of getting addicted to them. I am a relatively happy person with no serious worries so i dont know why sleep have left me. I have not done anything that my conscience is worrying me about so i dont kow why i still cant sleep. I have prayed, drank warm milk yet nothing. Am just going to watch a movie and at dawn will continue my usual daily routine and see how long my body can stand not sleeping.


  1. You are propably missing something that had made you happy before. You may just need to engage in some more work, so you can catch some better sleep. But whatever it is, talk to a loved one and avoid being lonely. Nice weekend!

  2. Try working out in the evening do strenuous exercises that gets your body really exhausted.
    When my mind refuses to shut down at night, i count myself to sleep. Concentrate on the numbers and continue silent counting.

  3. Hi Kiky, hope you have been able to claim your sleep back?
    All the best.

  4. I guess you have been able sort out the sleep problem...enjoy the weekend.

    1. thank you dear. yes oo i have been sleeping. it is just so annoying now that the sun comes up by 4am.