Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thinking before leaping. My own two cents.

Hello beautiful people, how you doing? "in wendy williams voice". 
Of all the things i have read in the news lately, the one that really irks me most is when i read about young girls especially white girls who previously were not religious but suddenly convert to Islam just because of a boy they recently started sleeping with. They go ahead to get married to these men without giving a thought to what would happen to their poor offspring if the relationship doesnt work out.
My problem is not that they converted to Islam, its that they did if for the wrong reason. Islam is mostly a way of life and converting to it for the wrong reasons other than self conviction is wrong and will not last.
Janet Jackson being married to Wissam Al Mana we all know is not going to last. American models getting married to Aga Khans sons we have seen doesnt last and will not last. That is because marriage in it self is hard and making a huge life change just because of a man doesnt work and unfortunately these women see it after the whole wedding dust settles.
 And after the break down of the marriage they start fighting for how to raise the kids. As is the case of a woman here in the UK whose Egyptian husband kidnapped their two year old daughter and took her to Egypt. 
These women have to think twice before converting to Islam as its much different from their own culture.


  1. It's a clear case of going for instant gratification without considering the future repercussion. Marriage no be beans!

  2. once they start dating those guys they lose sense of who they are. too bad

  3. Hehe who says Janet+wissam 'will' not last?! We often forget that very simple old time quote- common sense is not common to everybody. Marriage+ throw in a sensitive matter like religion, and all you have is s ticking time bomb.

    How are you getting on with your bundle of joy? :)

  4. Well said Kiky. Marriage is hardwork and signing the dotted lines for the wrong reasons could be disastrous.
    Happy New Year sis!